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Customer Review: (Renee Z.) Brunswick,Ohio  4/20/09

Work Description: Interior painting of vacant apartment suites.

Comments: Reliable,time efficient, neat, accommodating to schedule needs

 and time crunches.


Customer Review: (Pauline L.) Parma,Ohio  5/5/09

Work Description: Removed wallpaper ,repaired walls where needed,

painted ceilings and walls including doors and trim in 2 bedrooms and

livingroom. Also cleaned carpet. Kitchen area; removed paneling, patched

walls, replaced paneled area with new mylar boards and trim, replaced

outlet bar, painted ceiling and walls including doorways and trim. Basement

 stairway; painted walls and trim, cleaned stairway carpet. Cleanup of all


Comments: Sage Services did an excellent job on my house. It had been

 many years since we had painted. What a difference! The rooms are so

much brighter and cleaner looking! Very neat workmanship. I will definately

 call Sage Services when my house starts looking drab again. Thank you!




June 24th, 2010

Donald L. Rowe

Administrator of the Estate of Peter J. Windisch

6474 Iroquois Trail

Mentor, OH 44060



To whom it may concern,


From the initial meeting to discuss the job, through execution to final completion, Andy Cooke and Sage Services provided service that is beyond exemplary.  In my career, I have been tasked with managing hundreds of various contractors throughout the U.S. and am extremely impressed with Andy and his company.  The job that was asked of Andy was fairly extensive.  My friend and neighbor of 30+ years passed away and I was entrusted with the job of acting as executor of the Estate, including preparing his home for sale.  I called in Andy, as well as several other contractors to provide bids to paint every square inch of the property, including the garage interior and a shed in the backyard.  One so-called professional literally ran from the job, declining to quote.  Other local contractors lamented the scope of the job, submitting quotes ranging from a high number scribbled on the back of a business card to an overly detailed 3 page quotation; ending in a non-competitive price.  Andy provided a detailed but succinct one page quote, which had the most competitive and fair pricing.  Clearly, Andy understood the assignment and knew exactly how to get the job done.


Before work began, Andy spent time with my wife and I reviewing paint colors and we went through the house together, with Andy making detailed notes on exactly which color and texture of paint would go where.  In some areas where we hadn’t really considered the options, Andy had excellent ideas, which we agreed to.  Throughout the job, Andy would check with me on decisions on unforeseen challenges.  He was very meticulous and showed ongoing concern for a superior finished product.


I strongly recommend Andy Cooke and Sage Services.  Their pricing is very competitive, their concern for customer satisfaction is second to none, they exhibit the highest level of professionalism and you will feel that they are partnering with you to achieve the best possible results.